Download Your Photobooks For Free

2M Photobooks uses Smiley Hippo photobook software because it is easy to use and offers a large range of customisable templates and scrapbook items. We hope you enjoy using the software. Once Smiley Hippo software has been downloaded click on the icon (PC users on the Desktop and Mac users in the Applications folder) to begin creating your photo product.

All of our products can be set up with our Smiley Hippo software. This easy to use system allows you to present your treasured photos in a variety of formats. More information about the types of products available can be found in our Photogifts section.

We've got years of experience in constructing photo books, calendars and canvases. This knowledge has been compressed and condensed into our Smiley Hippo software, giving you access to skills and techniques that can be mastered in minutes. There are a number of templates available so you can lay up your photos into one of the most popular styles, or if you're a confident, artistic type then you can build your own layout to suit you.

Don't worry if you're not clicking with our Smiley Hippo software straight away. We're happy to help new users to get to grips with it and to give returning users a brush up. Should you need any assistance using this package then you can contact 2M Photobooks to speak to one of our support team. We've got a number of advisors who'll be more than happy to help. For all technical and support enquiries please refer to our How To page.