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What is Smiley Hippo?

Smiley Hippo Photobook software is a free download available for Mac and PC from this website. 2M Photobooks works in partnership with Smiley Hippo. You download the software and design your photo book in Smiley Hippo, and when you upload your files they are encrypted and sent to 2M Photobooks for printing. Your files are sent securely and no one can see your photos or alter the designn of your book. 2M Photobooks then prints and dispatches your book.


Download either Mac or PC versions of Smiley Hippo photobook software. After the download is complete look for the Smiley Hippo icon on your desktop. Double click on the icon to open and everything you need to make your photo products will be inside.

1. Installing the Smiley Hippo software

What requirements does my computer need to run the software?

Minimum requirements include:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 bit or 64 bit OS. The software is compatible with older hardware but it runs more efficiently with at least 2GB of RAM and multi-core processors.

Mac users need an Intel chip-based machine running OS10.5 or later with 2GB of RAM and sufficient disc space.

Tablet devices and mobile applications are currently not supported.

How do I install the software?

Visit the Download page on this website, then click on the PC or the Mac graphic to initiate the download.

Downloading and installing on a PC

You are prompted to Run or Save the installation program. Click the Run button if you wish to download and install the program in one step, or click the Save button if you prefer to save the setup file to your hard disc for installation at a later time. Once the downloading process is completed you may be prompted if you want to install the software. Click "Yes" to start the installation, or locate the installation file, and double click it if you have saved it to your hard drive first.

How to install Smiley Hippo Photobook software on a Mac

Double-click the Smiley_Hippo_Photobooks_Mac.dmg file. You will then be presented with a new window. Drag the Smiley Hippo Photobooks icon from the left onto the Applications icon on the right. Go to your Applications folder and launch the program.


If the application is taking a longer time to open than normal, check to see if the application has frozen. You can do this by right-clicking (Option+Click for one button users) the application while in your dock and seeing if the "Force Quit" option is available. If it is, choose this option. If you don't get a Force Quit option make sure the application is running. You'll be able to tell this by seeing if there is a glowing blue orb under the docked application. If there isn't, try repeating the installation process again. After you Force Quit, you'll need to restart your computer. After the restart, launch Smiley Hippo from your Applications folder. It should now open. If not please call our Support team for more assistance.

Cannot create application support directory

The issue here is that the file path the software is looking for on your computer is not there. The best way we have found to overcome this is to create a new user account on your computer and download the software under that account. This should work perfectly for you.

2. Creating your book

What is the maximum or minimum number of photos per page?

There are no limits on the amounts of photos you can have per page.

Can I add additional pages?

Yes, to add more pages to a project click the page tab at the top of the screen and select insert or add.

Can I change the running order of the pages in my Photobook?

Yes, in the page tab at the top of the screen you can change the running order of your Photobook.

What file formats does the software support?

The following file formats are compatible with Smiley Hippo Photobook software: jpeg, png and tiff. Other file formats can be converted (prior to use) into one of the above formats using image editing software such as Photoshop. The pictures can be RGB, sRGB, CMYK, greyscale or black and white.

Will the frame be printed if I don't place any text or photograph in it?

Image placeholders and text fields are not printed on the background if the frame does not contain a photograph or text. Additionally, the lines around the image placeholders and text fields will not be printed - only if a border has been applied.

What is the running order of the pages in my Photobook?

All our Photobooks start with Page 1, this is a right-hand page. Page 2 and 3 face each other, followed by 4 and 5 etc. Covers are shown complete on screen; the front cover is on the right-hand side, back cover on the left.

Can I create my own page styles?

Yes you can in the majority of our photobooks. A page style is where you can lay out the text and image boxes in whatever composition you like. Start with a blank page, then add image and text boxes as required. When complete, click on the cog icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and select the option "save as page style".

Can I create my own scrapbook or background items?

You can create your own scrapbook and background items; these can be saved and used in any future projects, These items will need to be saved as jpegs.

Can I order more than one copy of a book at a time?

If you are using a voucher you will only be able to order one copy with each voucher. If you wish to place orders for extra copies you will need to duplicate and rename your project for each extra order.
Open the Smiley Hippo software, click on "Open an Existing Project". Highlight the project you wish to re-order and select duplicate project. If you highlight this duplicated project you will be able to give it a new name and place a new order.

3. Ordering from us

How to order:

Once you have completed your photo book you will need to save it and then click on the green shopping cart icon towards the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you through a flight check and then you will be asked to read and tick the disclaimer box. Select "Order Online" and continue.

If this is the first time you have placed an order with us you will be asked to create an account. Once this is done you will be taken to the payment screen where payment details are taken and any voucher code can be inserted and redeemed.

You will then need to upload your photo book project to us by following the prompts on screen. Depending on your internet connection speed this will take between 5-15 minutes. If the upload time is in excess of 1 hour we recommend you restart the upload after a machine restart, or you try an alternative method of sending us the files (see Sending Files to Us).

Internet connection issues:

If no connection to the internet is made, i.e. you have not been connected to an internet page to create your account and continue with your order, please try the following:

You need to set Internet Explorer as the default Web Browser (on PC)
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Select the Tools menu
3. Select Internet Options
4. Select Programs
5. Select Default Browser and make Internet Explorer the default browser

If you still cannot connect you will need to look at your pop-up blocker or any firewall setting you have which are not allowing you to connect to a web page from the software.

If you are trying to upload from a work place with built-in firewalls or security the Smiley Hippo software will require access to PORT80 and PORT21.

Smiley Hippo does not support Proxy servers.

4. Sending files to us

How to save files:

If you are required to save your files please follow these steps:
1. Open the Smiley Hippo software
2. Open your existing project - the software will detect that files have not been uploaded to us and will prompt you
3. Tick the disclaimer box
4. Select "Send order via mail"
5. Select "Save finished pages" and specify your Desktop as the save location.
6. A new folder "Order_SMILEYHIPPO..." will be created on your Desktop.

How to re-upload files:

1. Open the Smiley Hippo Photobook software.
2. You will receive the following message: "The application has detected live orders that have not completed. Do you wish to view your project list now?"
3. Select "Yes".
4. Your list of projects will appear on screen. Highlight the project that needs to be uploaded by clicking on it to highlight it in blue.
5. Select "Send files".
6. Tick the disclaimer box.
7. Select "Start".
8. Select "Upload Order" then "Continue".
9. Your files will be packaged together and sent to us.
10. When this has been completed you will get the message: "Your order has successfully uploaded to the server".

How to use Dropbox:


1. Create a new account and download Dropbox onto your computer.
2. Once it has installed on your computer drag the entire Smiley Hippo folder into the Dropbox folder on your computer.
3. Once the file has copied to the Dropbox folder go back to
4. Log into your account and select the Sharing icon.
5. Click on "New Shared" folder.
6. Select "I'd like to share an existing folder" and click "Next".
7. Highlight the folder you wish to share and click "Next".
8. The collaborators email will be
9. Enter your name and order number in the message box.
10. Click "Share folder".

This will then send us an email with a link to your folder and enable us to extract the files we need.

Sending saved files to us:

Saved files can be either burned to a CD and posted to us or sent via an alternative web-based program such as Dropbox.

Our postal address is: Smiley Hippo Photobooks, Unit 8, Longs Business Centre, 232 Fakenham Road, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6QW

We've done everything we can to make our Smiley Hippo software as user friendly as possible. To start using this awesome digital photobook software you'll first need to install it on your computer. This is incredibly easy and it will only take four simple steps to get you started on your way to creating a photobook, calendar or canvass.

If you're wondering how to use our Smiley Hippo software, don't worry, we've made it as easy to use as possible. We've even created a range of video tutorials and downloadable help sheets to get you started. It'll only take you a short amount of time before you're an absolute expert at making photobooks.

Step 1: Take your photos with your camera!

Step 2: Save your photos from your camera or smart-phone in a folder on your PC.

Step 3: Download and install the special Smiley Hippo software.

Step 4: Design your product using our pre-designed templates or be creative, go for broke, and make up your own.

Step 5: Once you're satisfied with the look and feel of your 2m Photobooks product, then simply upload to our site and place your order.